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SAKURA Exchange Programme 2017

I happily inform you a very good news.

We get scholarship of SAKURA science plan on June 20th to 29th. Therefore, I would like to ask you to select your students who will join the program. This program is mainly for post graduate course students and whose major is related to science. It is also possible to join the student who studying science education. The regulation of selection is that students who have a high GPA score and who never visit Japan before. Each University can send 1 students by Sakura program.

Please kindly complete the attached Application Form and send it back to us with the copy of his/ her passports by 27th April.

Although the program is from 20th June to 29th June as the attached schedule, please kindly let the candidate student know that he/she might take a flight on 19th and the return flight will reach his/her country on 30th June.

I attached SAKURA Schedule for the program.


Announcement for all Magister students who interest to participate in SAKURA Program, please inform Mrs Ivonne M. Radjawane


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